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Vacuum Thermocouples

BEST TECHNOLOGY has changed its name and relocated into the Los Angeles area of California from Seattle, Washington.  Please address all correspondence, purchase orders or checks to the new address Shown below:

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*Vacuum Thermal Converters
-Standard Pattern Type S: NO longer available, contact factory for suitable replacement.
-Ultra High Frequency Type UHF
-Low transfer error types
*Open Heater Thermal Converters
-for currents above 1.0 Ampere
*Low Mass Thermocouples
-Wire sizes from 0.002 in. to 0.00035 in. diameter
*Vacuum Gages



20650 Bahama St.
Chatsworth, CA 91311

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Application Notes
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Our new and larger facility is now manufacturing vacuum thermocouples in the U.S.  These new units are identical in shape as the original units, but they are manufactured with cold bead and evenohm heater wire, which has been a much desired characteristic for many years by scientists all over the world.  These new vacuum thermocouples have been tested by Best Technology using an FDCR instrument, as well as several national laboratories throughout the world, and have been proven to have considerably lower AC/DC difference.

These thermocouples have been improved considerably, but our pricing has remained the same as the original units.  For your ordering convenience our part numbers remain the same.

Units with platinum leads for high frequency use are readily available upon request.  Please contact our sales office by telephone or fax for a quote on your special requirement.

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